Broadcasting Music for TV, Streaming, Radio or Film

Thank you for purchasing one of the Music Broadcast Licenses for your audience capacity.

The “royalty-free” part of licensing refers to mechanical royalties. Your one-time license fee covers your use of our music for the lifetime of your project and you will never have to go through the complex hassle of owing additional mechanical royalties. 

As a BMI member, we are eligible to collect music performance royalties from TV, Streaming, Film and Radio broadcasts that use our music. Don't worry, you are not responsible for any additional payments beyond the license fee that you have already paid via your license provider.

Through previously negotiated contracts, broadcast performance royalties are paid by the radio and TV broadcasters (not you) to performance rights organizations like BMI. 

In order for us to collect a small portion of allocated performance royalties, please help to fill out & submit the CUE Sheet provided.     
We have provided a CUE Sheet Template in the downloads below, which has our information embedded. Kindly fill in the rest of the details regarding the broadcast and submit the CUE sheet to your registered PRO.



Cue Sheet Template & Sample Download

Cue Sheet Template.XLS 


Cue Sheet Sample.PDF 


Performance Rights Organisation Information

  • Performing Rights Organisation - BMI 

  • Composer/Author 100% - Dane John Hawkins IPI/CAE 00782618706 

Thank you

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